How it Works

We understand that the decision to move forward with Iseehear's SmartLAB2020 is dependent on our client's understanding and acceptance of our service offering as well as our cost.

To that end, here is a Step Wise Process that we follow to ensure that efficiency with the exchange of information and, of course, with everyone's time:

Step 1: Engage in a high level requirements gathering process

  • The initial investment in time will be minimal, with the goal of defining the scope of the desired module(s) to be built
  • The client will then receive a first questionnaire to gain an initial understanding of the requirements
  • Once the answers have been received, a second questionnaire may be sent
  • The main medium for information exchange is email and telephone
Step 2: Send a proposal
  • The client will then receive a Proposal, inclusive of timeframes and cost breakdowns, for consideration
  • Certainly this Proposal can be tweaked based on the client's feedback and input
Step 3: Agree on budget and timeline
  • Any agreed upon changes to the Budget and Timeline will be reflected in an updated Proposal document
  • The legal documentation can then be signed based on the agreed upon Proposal
Step 4: Conduct detailed requirements gathering
  • An Iseehear representative will then contact the client in order to ensure we have fully captured the requirements
  • Together, we can define the detailed scope of the modules to be built through a discussion on the various workflows, current tracking methods, data sharing and permission needs, must have features and priorities
  • This meeting is geared towards the end users of the resulting system
Step 5: Enter into the iterative Development Process
  • As modules are being developed, test accounts will be made available to the client to evaluate and provide feedback on the functionality and usability during the process
  • This feedback will then be investigated by the Iseehear team and providing there is no revision to the timeline for delivery of the module, the feedback will be incorporated as part of the release
Step 6: Acceptance and Module Release
  • Once the module is accepted based on the client's specification, it will then be released to the client for full usage

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